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Storage, Serving & Hygiene

Pre-prepared raw food is frozen immediately after mixing and is then transported in freezer vans set at a temperature of -18oC. Freezing has no impact on the nutritional value of the food and bones and carcasses can be frozen also. After collection or when your delivery arrives, place it straight in the freezer. Pre-prepared raw food usually comes in packets of 454g, 500g or 1kg, simply take out what you need for the next day and thaw it overnight. It is best to avoid defrosting the food using a microwave as that concentrates heat on the food which is detrimental to its nutritional value. If you need to defrost some food quickly then put it in a plastic bag and place it in a basin of cold water, it will take 2 hours to defrost. Raw food will maintain optimum freshness for 2 days in the fridge and will keep for up to 9 months in the freezer. Some tips for handling raw food are:

1. Keep raw food frozen until ready to use

2. Thaw in a refrigerator (this takes 10-12 hrs for a 500g pack)

3. After serving the food, replace any remaining thawed food back into the refrigerator immediately. Store in a sealable Tupperware container.

4. Feed raw food in a stainless steel or porcelain bowl

5. Wash all work surfaces, utensils, hands (or wear gloves) and food bowls with hot soapy water after handling raw food

6. Keep raw food away from children

7. Keep raw food separate from other foods, store at the bottom of the fridge.