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Microbiome Testing

Our pet’s microbiome is a mini ecosystem located in the digestive tract, made up of microbes and other microorganisms including both desirable and undesirable bacteria unique to each pet.

The microbiome plays a significant role in balancing not only a pets’ digestive health, but their overall well-being.

Research has shown that a balanced gut microbiome is essential to overall health and longevity. When a pet’s microbiome is unbalanced, diarrhoea, skin, immune system, and weight problems occur, and managing unpleasant symptoms can affect quality of life for pets and their guardians. 

A healthy pet starts with a healthy gut! Digestive health is linked to overall health; environment, illness, a poor or processed diet, and medications can impact gut health. Testing your pet’s microbiome provides an insight into their gut health status.

We use a dedicated laboratory service providing a real time analysis of the microbial community in the gut of your pet using the latest gene technology. The millions of reads of bacteria are then organised into an easy to understand report format. Highlighted in the report are imbalances and nutritional deficiencies that may affect the health and vitality of your pet. 

We can then work to rebalance the biome through diet and faecal transplant therapy. This service will be especially useful for patients with chronic issues such as skin disease and IBD!