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Our mission

Our mission is to give pet owners choice when it comes to routine pet care. From the moment you bring your puppy or kitten home you have to make decisions regarding vaccinations, parasite treatments and diet. You can choose to treat your pet in a conventional way using standard vaccination protocols and a regular monthly parasite treatment or you may wish to go down a more holistic route using antibody titre testing and faecal egg counts to minimise drug use. You may also be unsure what to feed your pet, kibble, canned, home-cooked, raw, it’s hard to know how to do the best by your pet. This is where we can help! 

Our routine health care services include:

  • Primary vaccination courses for dogs, cats and rabbits 
  • Annual health check and vaccinations/booster
  • Annual health check and antibody titre test 
  • Monthly conventional parasite treatment (fleas, worms, lungworm, ticks)
  • Quarterly faecal egg counts
  • Natural ectoparasite repellant spray  
  • Microchipping 
  • Neutering of dogs, cats and rabbits 
  • Dental checks 
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Annual health plans are available which cover all routine care for the year, spread the cost over 12 months and offer a discount!