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Holistic Life Stage Consultations

We believe prevention is better than cure, to prevent disease we need to make educated decisions about our pet’s health care from the moment we get them as a puppy or kitten through their adult life.


Start off on the right paw with our holistic puppy and kitten consultation. This consultation is designed for pets aged 2 – 12 months, we advise having this consultation as early as you can so we can help you make the best choices at the start of your pet’s life. This consultation includes a full clinical exam and a discussion regarding primary vaccination, titre testing, worming, faecal egg counts, neutering and diet whether that be raw or home cooked.

The consult lasts around 45-60 minutes and costs £99.99!


This consult is aimed at adult dogs aged 1-7 years old and adult cats aged 1-13 years old, it includes a full clinical exam and a discussion about vaccination, titre testing, worming protocols, diet and neutering. It is also an opportunity to identify any body systems that may need support or treatment such as the guts or joints. If your pet is neutered, we may look at starting glandular support. If we identify any areas of pain or disease our vet can offer a suitable treatment plan comprised of integrative therapies. The main aim of this consultation is to identify any issues that may become a problem later in life and start preventative support early to reduce or stop disease later in life.

The cost of this consultation is £99.99 and lasts for 45-60 minutes.


This consultation is for dogs over 7 years old and cats over 13 years old. At this age our pets may start to develop old age-related disease such as arthritis, kidney disease or hypethyroidism. This consultation includes a clinical exam, urinalysis and full blood panel including haematology, biochemistry and thyroid. The blood sample will be taken and the test performed during the consultation and we will have the results in around 15 minutes! Depending on the outcome of the exam and lab tests our vet will devise an integrative treatment plan.

The cost of this consultation is £299.99 and lasts 60 minutes.