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Debunking The Myths

1) Dogs and humans can get salmonella, E. coli and other bacterial infections from raw food

Bacteria is everywhere, it is already in your home but less than 1% of it is harmful. Dogs are designed to be able to kill most of the bacteria they ingest. They have an enzyme called a lysosome in their saliva which destroys bacteria and they also have a short digestive tract and extremely strong stomach acids. In one study a group of dogs were fed meat infected with salmonella and only a third of them showed a trace of the bacteria in their faeces, none of the dogs had any salmonella in their saliva or showed any clinical signs of being sick. So, for a human to catch a bacterial infection from a dog they would have to actually eat dog faeces! Dogs fed a processed diet could also carry such bacteria, picking it up in the park for example. By following common sense hygiene rules i.e. wash hands after cleaning up dog faeces and handling raw food you will have no issues. Simply handle raw meat the same way you would handle raw meat for human consumption. Another note to make is that raw fed dogs have less plaque on their teeth therefore their mouth less hospitable place for bacteria and they do not have the bad breath that dogs fed a processed diet often have.

2) Raw food contains parasites

There can be parasites in raw meat, but if you are buying human grade meat (such as the meat from reputable raw food manufacturers) there should be no issues with parasites. Freezing can also kill parasites for example one parasite found in salmon can be destroyed by freezing the salmon for 24 hours. The food we sell is frozen immediately after preparation for at least 24 hours (usually 10 days) before transport in a freezer van. Healthy dog’s digestive systems will also kill any parasites before they establish themselves and the parasites that can affect dogs pose no risk to humans.

3) Raw fed dogs can choke on bones

As covered in the ‘feeding bones’ section this can be avoided by sticking to certain measures such as only giving appropriate sized bones, giving the bone frozen if you have a dog that gulps their food and separating dogs so they are not in a rush to eat the bones. Remember that feeding raw meaty bones has many benefits such as cleaning the teeth, exercise and stimulation.

4) Eating raw food will make your dog aggressive

This is probably one of the more absurd myths regarding raw feeding! Humans have bred and selected dogs that can coexist peacefully with animals but still retain enough prey drive to do things like retrieve and herd. Do you ever wonder why dogs retrieve balls and chase toys and animals that move quickly? Or wonder why working breeds such as border collies are so obsessed with toys? Herding breeds have coexisted peacefully with the animals they herded without savaging or killing them, even while these dogs were fed raw meat and bones from the very same animals they were guarding. Feeding a raw diet will not change a dog’s genetic predisposition to hunt and chase and it will not make a dog more aggressive or bloodthirsty, in fact excessive amounts of carbohydrates in processed food plus all the additives and preservatives can have a negative impact on a dog; it has been reported that formerly aggressive and hyperactive dogs calmed down considerably once they were switched to a natural raw food diet.

5) Raw diets are inconvenient and expensive

Feeding a raw diet is extremely easy, it is just a matter of defrost, weigh and serve! Or just as easy as taking a bone out of the freezer and giving it straight to your dog. We stock a variety of raw food products at different price points to suit your monthly budget. It is also extremely good value for money, and you have the added benefits of reduced vet bills and a healthier dog with a longer life span!