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Feacal Worm Egg Count

A Faecal Egg Count or FEC counts the number of worm eggs in your pet’s faeces. The results are presented as ‘eggs per gram’ (epg) of faeces.

The number of eggs is an indication of the number of adult worms in the gut of your dog or cat. Lungworm screens are slightly different as they look for live larvae in the faeces.

A faecal egg count can:

  • Help you to decide whether you need to worm
  • Tell you if your worming regime is working (chemical or natural)
  • Give you information about the amount of contamination going into your environment.

If you have chosen not to worm your pet or to use a natural wormer, we advise performing a faecal egg count for worms and lung worm every three months. At risk animals such as puppies, immunocompromised animals and those living in lungworm prevalent areas should be tested every two months. 

Three monthly egg counts are included as part of our holistic health care plan. Getting your pet tested is easy, just collect a kit from reception, follow the instructions and post it in the pre-paid envelope! 

Your pet’s results will be emailed to you, if there are any eggs or larvae present, we can advise on an appropriate treatment plan.