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Pure Vet

Pure Vet D.E Flee


Pure Vet Products De.Flea Natural Flea Repellent


When "treating" fleas or parasites it is advisable to treat pet and home at the same time, to kill both adults and eggs.

Apply the dust in the same way as applying talc to their coats.

Pay attention to all areas (base of the tail, back, armpits, behind ears etc.).

Sprinkle on their bedding, the floor underneath it, the carpet, along floorboards, low lying cupboards etc.

Leave for 2 - 3 days and vacuum.

Attention for vacuums and asthmatics! Please go easy with the amount you use in the house as too much can damage vacuum cleaners and produce dust.

This is a very fine powder so for anyone with asthma or a lung ailment this could cause irritation when used in an enclosed environment.

Diatomaceous earth is harmless if ingested but should not be inhaled. Please wear a dust mask if spreading D.e Flea naturally, to avoid inhalation.

For severe infestations, it may need to be applied several times throughout the course of a month in case any have been missed. Moreover, their eggs hatch 7-21 days later, so a month will cover any adults you have missed.

If a flea problem is detected on a pet it is advisable to "treat" the home at the same time as the pet to ensure that both adult fleas and eggs are killed.

For indoor use, lightly coat a thin layer in areas where earwigs, millipedes, silverfish, coakroaches and ants are found or travel through.

Pure Vet D.E Flee