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Bully Billows

Bully Billows Premium Fleece


BullyBillows Premium Fleeces. Designed to keep your furry friends warm during the cooler months. The material used has been carefully designed to be well fitted for your dog and to ensure that any heat from your dog is absorbent as much as possible to keep your dog warm.

This fleece protects your furry friends against the cooler months, wind and cold weather, while at the same time giving your dog the flexibility to move freely and comfortably. This fleece can be worn all year round.

Reflective strips come as standard along the both sides of the chest area of your dog for safety and to avoid losing sight of your dog.

We have triple stitched flexible leg straps which you can simply put your dogs back legs through with ease to secure the fleece on your dog to avoid the fleece rolling up your dogs back.

Branded BullyBillows logos placed around the fleece.

Material Information:

Back: 100% Polyester

Chest: 86% Polyester & 14% Spandex

Washing Instructions:

We recommend washing this fleece by hand in warm, soapy water and allowing the fleece to air dry. If you do wish to wash via washing machine, please ensure the temperature is not set above 30° and the wash time is not longer than 30 minutes. Please allow to air dry.

Bully Billows Premium Fleece