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The Natural Vet

DAF Horse Mince With Offal


Minced Horse meat with offal 

  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial colours
  • 100% Real Meat
  • A source of Omega 6
  • B Vitamins and Calcium

    -Rich in natural protein, Vitamin B, Iron, Selenium & Zinc.
    -Helps to aid muscle development and boost metabolism
    -Horse meat is leaner than typical red meat, containing less cholesterol and nearly half the amount of fat as beef, and almost 3 times less fat than pork; making it a great choice for a doggy diet.

    Fully defrost the product in a cool place, before serving.
    Suitable for adding left over veg or fruit, we would also recommended a herbal supplement like Dorwest Keeper`s Mix or Easygreens Powder, these products can be found on our web-site, Herbs & Supplements.

    Dog Weight - Food per Dog @ 2.5%
    4kg (8.8lb) - 10kg (22lb) - 100g - 250g
    10kg (22lb) - 20kg (44lb) - 250g - 500g
    20kg (44lb) - 30kg (66lb) - 500g - 750g
    30kg (66lb) - 40kg (88lb) - 750g - 1000g
    40kg (88lb) - 50kg (110lb) - 1000g - 1250g
    50kg (110lb) - 60kg (132lb) - 1250g - 1500g
    The above is a guide only, as individual dogs requirements will vary depending on activity level, age and environment. Please ensure fresh drinking water is always available.

    (90% Meat, 10% Offal) Boneless Mince, Horse Cuts, Heart, Liver, Kidney, Spleen.
    Moisture 71.4%, Protein 18%, Oil 10.3%, Ash 0.9%.

    Store at -18c, keep frozen until use. Once defrosted, please keep refrigerated and use within 24 hours. Please ensure that you follow normal hygiene rules for preparing raw meat products; always wash your hands after dealing with raw meat.

    Manufactured in the U.K.

    DAF Horse Mince With Offal