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Aniforte Premium Feed Oil


Premium Feed Oil for Dogs is a high-quality supplementary feed to help with a balanced diet. A combination of nutrient-rich oils provides your dog with essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids and can support the appearance of the skin and coat.

Benefits, Composition & Feeding Recommendation

Benefits of Premium Feed Oil for Dogs:

✔ Can support cell metabolism and the immune system

✔ May have a positive effect on coat and skin

✔ An ideal supplement to raw feeding as well as dry and wet feed

✔ A high-quality mixture of natural oils

How does Premium Feed Oil for Dogs work?

Premium Feed Oil for Dogs consists of a combination of quality vegetable and base oils. The oils provide your pet with important fatty acids and vital substances. The contained omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support cell metabolism and the immune system by forming the body's own defence cells. The health-supporting omega-6 fatty acids maintain the natural membrane stability and can preserve the natural coat and skin of your pet. Rich feed oils are easily digestible energy suppliers and contribute to your pet's balanced diet.

We recommend an optimal supply of important functional oils, which is ensured by supplementation of the Premium Feed Oil.

Natural linseed oil, hemp oil, black cumin oil, evening primrose oil, and salmon oil are combined in a sensible way and provide essential fatty acids for your pet's daily diet. Due to the gentle processing as well as purely natural raw materials we offer you a product of the best quality, also ideal for raw feeding. The high-quality oil mix can be merged into the daily feed without any problems. In terms of taste, it has a high level of acceptance.


Linseed oil, hemp oil*, black cumin oil*, evening primrose oil, salmon oil (in total: 54.3% omega-3 fatty acids, 13.36% omega-6 fatty acids) (*from organic farming)

Analytical Components:

Crude protein < 0.3%, crude fat 99.6%, crude fibre < 0.5%

Feeding Recommendation:

Simply add the oil to the daily feed.

Dogs per 10 kg: 2 ml daily (equals 1/2 teaspoon)

Note: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight

Please shake all cold pressed oils well before use. A slight flocculation at the bottom of the bottle is a quality feature of the natural product.

For oils, such as our AniForte® Premium Feed Oil, we guarantee a shelf life of up to 12 months if stored properly (dark & without oxygen supply).

Aniforte Premium Feed Oil