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Aniforte Joint Tablets


Another great ingredient contained in our AgilityVET Joint Tablets is Green Lipped Mussel powder, particularly rich in specially selected amino acids, which provide long-term protection and ongoing maintenance by helping to lubricate and cushion in and around the joints.

Is it increasingly difficult for your dog to get up, climb stairs and run around? Is your animal becoming stiffer and heavier? The causes can be diverse and should be clarified by a veterinarian.


46.87% collagen powder from sea fish, green-lipped mussel powder, 7.50% ground devil's claw root (1.3% harpagoside), ground frankincense, 4.68% cut licorice root, omega-3 fish meal

Analytical Components:

Crude ash 6.87%, crude fibre 2.46%, crude protein 50.91%, crude fat 8.15%

Feeding Recommendation:

Dogs for each 10 kg: 1 tab daily

The joint tabs have a high level of acceptance and can easily be fed as treats. For small dogs, the tablets can also be divided in the middle for better feeding. If necessary, the daily feeding recommendation can also be doubled.

Note: Store cool, dry and protected from light.

Aniforte Joint Tablets