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Weight clinic

In September 2018, the Global Pet Obesity Initiative called for all veterinary professionals to recognise obesity as a disease. 74% of veterinary professionals surveyed believe that the prevalence of obesity has increased over the last five years. In fact, vets confirmed that 51% of dogs, 44% of cats and 29% of small mammals are overweight or obese! 100% of vets were concerned about the prevalence of obesity and 73% stated it was ‘one of the most prevalent conditions seen’.

Obesity is linked to conditions such as diabetes, pancreatitis, high blood pressure and orthopaedic disease. Our nurses can help you avoid these life limiting conditions by maintaining your pet’s ideal body weight. 

The weight clinic will involve measuring your pet’s weight, body condition score (1-9) and body measurements (neck, chest, abdomen). The nurse will provide you with a diet and exercise plan and check in with you at monthly intervals!