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It is natural to wonder what your pet will experience when they stay in the vets for a day. Rest assured we love all our patients and treat them so! They receive plenty of cuddles and kisses as well as excellent care from our team. 

Our recovery ward is located next to our prep room and operating theatre with a glass wall so we can observe our patients from either room. This is especially important after your pet has received their pre-medication and on recovery from anaesthetic as we need to make sure your pet is warm, comfortable and breathing normally. 

Our recovery kennels are polypropylene which has been developed to offer a warm environment whilst allowing natural light to enter. Thanks to the natural properties of polypropylene the kennel can retain more heat than stainless steel alternatives, helping to keep the kennel warmer and quieter. Due to the low reflective surfaces of the material these are particularly suitable for cat care.

Each patient receives a warm vet bed and absorbable kennel liner to draw away any fluid such as urine, keeping our patients warm and dry. Our nurses and animal care assistants regularly check and replace soiled bedding. Cats are provided with a litter tray and small furries with hay and bedding. 

Our vets, nurses and animal care assistants perform regular checks on our patients measuring vitals such as heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature. They also perform pain scores, take patients out to the toilet, monitor drips and whatever else an individual patient may require. We also have a separate isolation ward to keep potentially infectious patients away from others. 

You are more than welcome to bring in a special toy, blanket or food for your pet while they stay with us. We will do everything we can to make sure they are as comfortable and relaxed as possible!