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Fussy Eaters

Sometimes your dog may seem to be unsure or uninterested in their food, there can be several causes for this, too narrow these down ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you made a sudden change to the diet, for example introduced a new protein?
  • Is your dog showing any signs of mouth pain or dental disease?
  • Is your dog showing any signs of illness e.g. drinking more, lethargic?
  • What did the last faeces look like?
  • Has the routine in the house changed?
  • Have you dropped the food bowl or made a loud noise that may spook your dog?
  • If you have a female, is she due or on her season?
  • Is the food still fresh? It lasts 2 days in the fridge.
  • Is this just with one particular food? This could indicate an allergy, if your dog keeps refusing one particular meat they might be self-selecting.
  • Have you changed supplier?

What to do?

Do not panic, remember it is okay for a dog to go without food for a day or two, it is not going to harm them, a lot of fussy behaviour is just learned behaviour.

Option 1

Revert to the food that is most enjoyed for a few days and slowly start mixing new things in over time.

Option 2

If they don’t eat their food within 10 minutes pick up the food until the next dinner time, if they are healthy they won’t starve themselves; you want to avoid teaching them that if food is refused you will present them with another option. Do not give treats either, until they choose to eat their meals. Some raw feeders fast their dogs intermittently, not eating for 24-48 hours is not anything to worry about.

If your dog is ill, do not force feed, dogs do self-fast. To keep your dog hydrated, serve some lukewarm bone broth and contact us or a vet.