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Happy Pet

Happy Pet Smiley Cat Scratcher

Smiley Cat Scratcher is a Stylish 2 in 1 lounger and scratch pad.

Your cat will have hours of fun scratching, playing and lounging on this scratch pad, made form layers of corrugated cardboard that will withstand the mad scratch attacks, it also comes with a sachet of catnip, which you simply scatter over the cardboard.
Give your cat this piece of furniture and he wont need to scratch yours again, its also a comfortable place for him to chill and relax out on, with the added benefit of the ball with bell to play with.

- Interactive and stylish
- 2 in 1 Lounger and Scratch pad
- Thick cardboard pad for scratching
- Helps keep claws trim and neat
- Sachet of catnip included
- Encourages fun, play and exercise
- Balls contains a bell for added interest
- Boredom buster
- Environmentally friendly disposal

Cat scratching is normal and healthy for your cat, as its helps remove the dead outer layer of their claws.

Happy Pet Smiley Cat Scratcher