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Aniforte Vet Ear Cleaner


Our Ear Cleaner is a specially formulated, active-ingredient fluid for cleaning your pet’s ear canal. The extracts of natural camomile relieve irritation of the skin. The high yield and long shelf-life make this ear cleaner an indispensable product in every pet household.

Benefits, Ingredients & Application

Benefits of Vet Ear Cleaner:

✔ Removes stubborn dirt and earwax

✔ Promotes natural self-cleaning of the ear canal

✔ The extracts of natural camomile soothe and relieve irritation of the skin

✔ Scientifically formulated to clean both healthy and infected ears

✔ Made From 100% naturally derived ingredients

✔ MADE IN GERMANY: Developed by our veterinarians, veterinary practitioners and biologists


Water, extracts of natural chamomile


Carefully apply 1 - 2 times a day to the ear. Drop the cleaner into the ear canal by applying light pressure to the bottle. Then gently massage the ear from the outside with the whole hand.

After use, the animal will shake itself. Additional cleaning of the ear-shell and the ear canal should be carried out with the utmost care, e.g. with a cotton-wool ball or clean cotton cloth. The ear cleaner can be used daily at the beginning of the treatment or once a week as a preventative measure.

Watch our handy video on how to clean your pet's ears.

Note: Shake before use, store in a cool, dry and shady place. Use within 24 months after opening.

Aniforte Vet Ear Cleaner